from Stratification (2008)

New Poems


in Blue Door Quarterly

"The Urgent Medics"

The Urgent Medics poem by M.P. Nolan
Previously Printed
Online Archives


in the Nepotist

"No One Knows These Bodies"


"What Happens in the Meadow at Dusk"


in OCHO   #19

"Non-Christians Bear Chocolate crosses"


in Coconut Nine

"Love in Translation"


"Confessions of a Cuttlefish"


in OCHO #13

Introduction  written in the form of a poem & Cover Art


in No Tell Motel

"The  Problem of Doughnuts"

"Tick- Tock"

"Thoughts  on a Bagel"

"The Fine Art of Pedestal Construction"

"A Day with Doolittle"


in Quest

"Zeitgeist" (includes mp3 audio of Nolan reading)

"Exoskeleton"(includes mp3 audio of Nolan reading)


in MiPOesias


"Toothpicks as a Twelve-step"

"Pony" appeared in MiPoesias in Aug. 2006.









in sawbuck 1.x

"Choices and Decisions"

"Didn't You Get the Memo?"

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