Notebook and Pen



Meghan Punschke Nolan

is an American poet, writer and academic. She is Director of the Reading and Writing Center and an Assistant Professor of English at SUNY Rockland where she teaches composition and literature courses. Nolan has an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School, and an MA and PhD in English from St. John's University. She has been the editor of many literary and art journals throughout the years, including Oranges & Sardines, MiPoesias, Ocho, Shalom Neuman: 40 Years of Fusion Art and the 2013 edition of the St. John’s Humanities Review. Her poetry was nominated for a pushcart prize in 2007, and her first book, Stratification, was published by BlazeVOX Books in 2008. She is a multigenre writer who focuses on fragmented perceptions of selfhood through academic works, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry; recent essays have appeared in Persona Studies, The 100 Greatest Literary Detectives, and Thread.

Detection Across Boarders.jpg


"The Socially Mobile Female in Victorian and Neo-Victorian Mysteries"

Chapter in

Transnational Crime Fiction: Mobility, Borders and Detection

Summer 2020

Palgrave/ Macmillan



"Institutional Paradox in the City: Duality, Domiciles, and Death in Dickens’s London"

Essay in

Mean Streets: A Journal of American Crime and Detective Fiction

May 2021

Pace University Press