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M.P. Nolan has contributed a chapter on female characters in (Neo-)Victorian mysteries for Detection Across Borders to be published by Palgrave in 2019-- a must for every mystery lover's archives!

"Multiplicity and the Student Writer" in Exquisite Corpse



M.P. Nolan has a chapter on P.D. James's Adam Dalgliesh in 100 Greatest Literary Detectives from Rowman and Littlefield, 2018.

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BlazeVOX [books], 2008

M.P. Nolan's first collection of poetry


"All the wonderous stratifications of water, atmosphere, myth, history, society and (of course) the chills and fevers of colloquial lives are rigorously plotted in this dense, layered, disconcerting book. I know of few poems as insistently scrutinizing but emphatic, or as simultaneously devastating and resplendent.

                                                             ~ Robert Polito

                                                             President, Poetry Foundation



"I had to read these poems out loud. They have rhyme, rhythm, anger, sweetness, sex. They've got some big words and big plans. They have a story told in stories. Try them with your voice… Get up and move around a little!"

                                                                            ~ Kate Greenstreet





"Commander Adam Dalgliesh" 
100 Greatest Literary Detectives, 2018 

Book Chapter

If he’s as good a detective as he is a poet, he’s a dangerous man.”
                                                            - A Taste of Death, P.D. James

It is his keen understanding of the subtlety of words that makes P.D. James’s Adam Dalgliesh both a remarkable detective and a well-respected poet. Some describe this character as Byronic, and this is an accurate portrayal, if only one-sided, as Dalgliesh is also unmistakably modern in his multiplicity.



“Multiplicity and the Student Writer: Embracing Creative Multigenre Identity Work in the Writing Classroom”
Exquisite Corpse: Art-Based Writing Practices in the Academy, 2019

Book Chapter

This collection draws from the processes and pedagogies of artists and designers to reconcile disparate discourses in rhetoric and composition pertaining to 3Ms (multimodal, multimedia, multigenre), multiliteracies, translingualism, and electracy. 



"Through the Wall" 
Thread, 2017 An exploration of human experience through essay and image.

Nonfiction Essay

"I had been the only English-speaking tenant in my building for almost five years when my New York story happened.

I remember that day in early spring when I walked to my tiny rent-controlled apartment in Chinatown to find two men standing rigidly, like posed mannequins on the stoop, on either side of the giant orange gate that served as the door to our building..."



“Learning to Circumvent the Lingual Limitations of the Written Self: The Rhetorical Bemefits of Poetic Fragmentation and Internet 'Catfishing' 
Persona Studies Journal, 2015

Academic Essay

One of the most complex relationships we have to convey as humans is the written identification of that which we call the self.



Humanities Review
St. John's University, 2013

Editor and Preface


“Perceptions of Self in Society as Viewed through Literature and the Arts: A Deliberation on the Fundamental Unearthing of the Individual” St. John’s Humanities Review 11.1 (2013): 7 – 9.   



Also Edited by M.P. Nolan
Cover Designs by M.P. Nolan



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